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Mature Adults Tech Training - Tell them you need a tablet this holiday...

Mature Adults Gift Idea: Tablets!

When Asked What You Want for Christmas or Hanukkah - Tell them you would like a tablet! Tablets are the Ideal Gift for Older Adults • Growing Popularity of Text Messaging  • News at Your Fingertips 24/7 • Tablets on the Go with Mobile Connection • Mobile Network Connection – Know ...
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Mature Adult Tech Training - Importance of Relevance in Adult Learning

Mature Adults Relevant Tech Training

Importance of Relevance in Adult Learning • Teaching What Students Want to Learn • Adult children of mature or senior parents can help nudge parents toward the technology they will use everyday. In This Article • Basic Internet Apps and Resources to Know and Use • Helping Senior Adult Parents to ...
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Mature Adult Tech Training - Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks

Think System…and Systematically!

The Internet is a System 📏 Basic Internet Use Logic 📏 We will examine a few things to think about when accessing the Internet. And we will look at troubleshooting when you cannot access the Internet. ⇒ Before you navigate to your digital destination, take a minute and recognize the ...
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Mature Adult Tech Training - MATT Classes, How to implement safe surfing strategies

PHISHING Protection – Online Security

Strategies for PHISHING Protection Protect Your Online Accounts and Your Computer Avoiding Hacking Attempts See How to Avoid Being Caught by Phishing Especially in these challenging times, we have to be vigilant against PHISHING Attacks. Email Phishing scams are created by tech-savvy con artists and identity theft hackers. What is Phishing? ...
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Mature Adults Tech Training - Update Your iPhone Skills – Part 1 of 2

Update Your iPhone Skills – Part 1 of 2

iPhone Skills Refresh Increase iPhone Uses and Fun - Grow Your Skills Table of Contents · New Apple Features Updates · Mature Adults Tech Training Apple Skills Classes · iPhone Control Center Updates · How to Customize the Control Center · Customizing iPhone X and Later Models · Apple Device ...
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Mature Adult Tech Training - iPhone Refresh Classes, Adults 55+ Training

MATT Class Updates and Info – Subscribe

• Subscribe to MATT Class Updates • We will send notices of new MATT classes and MATT updates. As of March 2020 - we are developing online video classes. Be the first to know about our new classes! Learn online and develop community - without leaving your house. Subscribe to MATT ...
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